Kevin Gage is best known for his portrayals of Waingro in Heat and of Max Pyro in G.I. Jane. The following projects also showcase his talents and the diversity of the roles he’s played.

Kevin Gage as Waingro in Heat


Kevin’s iconic "Waingro" remains one of the film's most memorable and popular characters. He's sly and devious, capable of impulsive violence or calculated murder.
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Kevin Gage in G.I. Jane

G.I. Jane

As instructor "Max Pyro," Kevin plays opposite Demi Moore & Viggo Mortensen. Pyro is noted for a melodious bellow, cheerful abuse, and for questioning Urgayle's actions.
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Kevin Gage & Johnny Depp in Blow


Fast-talking businessman and DEA informant Leon Minghella (Kevin Gage) lures drug kingpin George Jung (Johnny Depp) into an ambush.
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Kevin Gage in La Linea

La Linea (The Line)

Kevin Gage plays Wire, sidekick to assassin Shields (Ray Liotta). Where Shields is tense, restrained and weary, Wire is relaxed and friendly, much like Kevin himself.
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Kevin Gage in Con Air

Con Air

Kevin Gage's character "Billy Joe" incites Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage) to a deadly fight, landing Poe in a maximum security prison and setting the stage for Con Air.
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Kevin Gage in Knockaround Guys

Knockaround Guys

Kevin Gage plays a rural town's tough guy, Gordie Brucker, who is unwittingly led into a fight with the visiting Taylor Reese (Vin Diesel).
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Big Stan

Kevin Gage plays opposite Rob Schneider in this comedy as Bullard, a goofy, sentimental, squeamish, and often clueless prison guard.
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Kevin Gage in Point Blank

Point Blank

Kevin Gage (Joe Ray) plays opposite Mickey Rourke (Joe's brother Rudy) as a leader of dangerous group of escaped prisoners who take over a shopping mall.
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Kevin Gage in Lightning Bug

Lightning Bug

Kevin Gage plays "Earl," an abusive, alcoholic stepfather. His moods can quickly swing from amused to destructive. His threats and violence subdue the entire household.
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