Character Actor,
Voice Actor,
Film Producer

Kevin Gage has the experience, talent and consistency
to deliver performances that audiences remember.

Kevin Gage


Kevin’s credits include over 60 films and TV shows, playing opposite leads like Robert DeNiro (Heat), Demi Moore and Viggo Mortensen (G.I. Jane), Nicolas Cage (Con Air), Johnny Depp (Blow) and Tom Hanks (The ‘Burbs).
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Whether playing a tough good guy (SEAL Instructor Pyro in G.I. Jane), a sly and wicked bad guy (Waingro in Heat), or a double-crossing undercover agent (in Blow), Kevin adapts to the role and makes it his own.
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Kevin brings tremendous strength and heart to his characters. While best known for his ability to summon violence, he is also a master of the subtle gestures and facial expressions that add depth to his roles.
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With his experience as a producer, Kevin understands the value of time. He’s earned a reputation for being prepared and ready when he’s called. He works well with the rest of the cast and crew, inspiring all to do their best.
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Voice Talent

Kevin is gifted with a deep, carrying voice that he uses to great effect. To add weight and menace to villain and fan favorite Gabriel Rourke in the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts, he created a growly, gravelly tone.
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Kevin has the flexibility to play a complex character, whether a violent killer, a tough but likeable sidekick, a prison guard with a sense of humor, a nice guy—with or without issues.
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