In this episode of Cinemax’s Banshee series, Kevin Gage guest stars as Lance Mangan, a former football star at Banshee High who has taken to burglary. When Deputy Yawners (Demetrius Grosse) walks into a convenience store they are robbing, Mangan and his brother (Doug Kruse) flee into the high school where they take a teacher and several students as hostages.

The role called for a lot of physical acting, and Kevin did all of his own stunts, scaling a tall chain-link fence to gain access to the school, running down bleacher seats in the football stadium, and chasing and capturing hostages as they tried to escape. The directors’ commentary mentioned that he did a take-down on the stairs in one cut.

Kevin’s Mangan is a powerful and threatening character. This is especially evident in several scenes where he intimidates teacher Janie Kendall (Claire Bronson) with his eyes and voice as well as his gun.

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