All Rena Grubb (Jena Malone) wants is the ideal family, but the deck is stacked against her, considering that her father (Chris Mulkey) has just been sent to prison. Still, she’s determined to give it a shot, persuading her mom Madge (Michelle Forbes) to haul the entire clan to jail so everyone can be together for the annual picnic.

Kevin Gage puts in a solid, believable performance as Richard, one of the prison guards. Richard seems to be something of a kindly corner cop rather the stereotypical sadistic tough. Nice touches of humor. We see him several times, including one scene where he takes off his cap and the comb-over looks kinda silly. It adds an endearing, non-threatening quality to his character.

Richard is a basically a good guy, trying to help Madge out by alerting her to some family issues. On the other hand, he seems to enjoy watching the confrontations between family members that ensue because of his meddling. Is he a troublemaker or does he just have a good sense of humor?

(This film also known as simply American Girl.)

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