Double Tap

This time the film is Double Tap, a 1997 thriller starring Stephen Rea and Heather Locklear. Kevin Gage plays a grumpy, politically incorrect FBI agent. More on the new Double Tap page. Thanks to Lisa for helping us get a look at this hard-to-find film. Can anyone figure out that I love that sucker picture? 🙂

Your webmasters are too squeamish to watch May, Strangeland or Chaos (go ahead, call us chickens, we don’t care). So until Kevin has a new film for us, we don’t expect to add any more movie pages. But we do have more video clips in the hopper for our old favorite G.I. Jane, and literally hundreds more screen captures from various films that can be cleaned up and added, so expect that we will be posting more pictures here and there as we find time.

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