Kevin Gage co-stars in Dee Snider’s horror thriller as Mike Gage, the police officer father of a teenage girl who is kidnapped and tortured by a sadistic maniac (Captain Howdy, played by Snider).

Gage is not a very likeable man. He makes a point not to show feelings. But clearly he is going through his own special torture as he follows leads, trying to find and rescue his daughter. It’s a difficult role – showing how a man feels when he’s obviously mastered the ability to hide his feelings. In the first scene of the film, Gage is almost a mechanical man. But as the case unfolds, the strain begins to show, and expressions of grief and fear leak through Gage’s mask.

In this scene, Gage’s teenage daughter (Genevieve) and her best friend (Tiana) have recently disappeared. Gage steels himself to look in the trunk of a car recovered from the lake. When Tiana’s mutilated body is found in the trunk, Gage is faced with the realization that his daughter is probably being similarly tortured.

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