Kevin Gage plays the title role in this graphically violent exploitation film. Two teenaged girls, looking to score some ecstasy at a rave, follow a young man to a house where terror awaits. There a gang of felons led by “Chaos” (Kevin Gage) capture and torment the girls, drawing them into a nightmare of violence. This film is being billed as “the most brutal film ever made.”

“It’s based on true events about two girls who try to score the drug ecstasy at a rave party from some people they don’t know,” explains director David DeFalco, “which basically puts them in a world of hell. They are exposed to the most evil, sadistic, brutal people on the planet, and they are basically obliterated by this one monster of a human being, nicknamed ‘Chaos.’ The end of the movie has the parents confronting the killers.”

DeFalco made an effort to justify the film as a warning to young people, but most reviewers seemed to believe that the motives were not so high-minded. Roger Ebert gave the film zero stars, not for its execution but for its lack of moral compass, and recommended that movie-goers avoid it. Our webmaster wrote to Ebert thanking him for his thoughtful analysis, and mentioning the conflict caused by being a Kevin Gage fan. His response was worth sharing: “Kevin Gage was certainly effective, and I was reminded of my feelings about Michael Rooker after seeing Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer. Hate the film, respect the actor.”

In this scene, Chaos (Kevin Gage) holds his son Swan (Sage Stallone) as he lies bleeding from a groin wound. As Frankie (Stephen Wozniak) and Daisy (Kelly K.C. Quann) look on, Chaos puts his son out of his misery and swears vengeance on the woman who stabbed him.

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