Chaos DVD coming 26-Sep-06

The film Chaos, starring Kevin Gage, which stirred up controversy with its release in August, 2005, will be available on DVD beginning 26-September. Two versions are available: standard and Director’s Cut. The DVDs are unrated, but consider them to be rated R — for strong stomachs only. Extras include "never before seen footage" of the L.A. Coroner’s crypt.

A quote from Roger Ebert is featured at the top of the DVD cover: "I can not ignore it, nor can I deny that it affected me strongly… the movie works." Given Ebert’s scathing review of the film, one wonders if he appreciates being quoted! But we remember that he also said, "Kevin Gage was certainly effective, and I was reminded of my feelings about Michael Rooker after seeing Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer. Hate the film, respect the actor."

See our Chaos page for links to purchase from Amazon, reviews and more information on the film.

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