The film chronicles a night in the life of a dirty ex-cop (Kevin Gage) as he goes looking for his runaway-turned-prostitute 15-year-old daughter in an attempt to save her from the same pimps, drug dealers and hookers he now surrounds himself with.

Filmmaker Shane Ryan describes the film in an interview on “It’s about an undercover cop who may or may not have gone rogue. He’s a drunk and a womanizer. I tried to think of him as a Waingro (Kevin Gage’s unforgettable character in Michael Mann’s Heat) version of Charles Bukowski (German born, American poet) posing as a cokehead undercover cop. He’s so far gone that there’s no turning back. Everything is meaningless to him, until he finds out that his teen daughter has run away to become a prostitute. What humanity he might have left in him is finally put to the test.”

About working with Kevin Gage, Shane says:

Over the years I’ve given parts to friends, family, beginners, seasoned pros, crew members, random folks off the street, etc. I gotta say Kevin Gage has been the most fun, the friendliest, the biggest pro as well as street-smart, and the best collaborator on and off camera. He brings the working environment and the film-making experience equivalent to the joy of a child’s first time at Disneyland.

In a business full of real Waingros, Kevin Gage only reveals this persona on-screen in his flawless performances. Off-screen he is family, friend, and a true collaborator. What more could a director or a co-star ask for?

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