Kevin Gage plays Mallick Ulrich in this western crime thriller set in the Sonoran Desert. Mallick’s long-time business partner, Roman Whitlock, urgently phones his son Boyd to meet him at a designated spot. Boyd shows up late, with Roman nowhere to be found. Mallick initiates a chase for a stolen bag of very expensive diamonds, with fatal consequences for Roman.

Seven years after Roman’s death and Mallick’s release from prison, the diamonds are still missing. An inevitable brush between Boyd and Mallick forces a new pursuit, calling Boyd back to that fateful evening’s rendezvous spot.

The film is written and directed by Desmond Devenish, who also plays Boyd Whitlock. Devenish spoke of his experience working with Kevin:

I had the pleasure of working with the exceptionally talented Kevin Gage. His rare ability to bring to such darker-suited characters this beguiling yet vulnerable accessibility is what creates such raw and commanding screen presence. As a performer he was always dialed in. With his laser focus and pure passion for the project, it guaranteed a consistent arrangement of spot-on takes to choose from. It was very rewarding to see all that we had designed for the character of Mallick brought to life by Kevin and then taken to the next level. That’s the dimensionality that he possesses and that’s the hardcore acting he comes to the plate with, well prepared and ready to bring it.