When a Mafia Soldier and his best friend are sent on a mission to collect $422,000 an unforeseeable event turns the hunters into the hunted.

About this project, Kevin is quoted as saying,

Chris Marazzo is the director, writer and producer on this project. Tunnel Vision Films contacted me years ago and asked me to do a short film. After getting to know Chris Marazzo and reading his script The Dead Cage, I accepted Tunnel Visions offer to do Chris’s short film called Exact Busfare which in my opinion proved Mr. Marazzo to be a very talented hands-on filmmaker.

The Dead Cage is Chris Marazzo’s vision and passion and I’ll be very happy to start work with him soon for many reasons. It’s an original script concept, I love the character that I was offered of “the sheriff.” Also there are two other actors on board I consider friends and look forward to seeing again soon. I have worked with Danny Trejo on four or five films in the past and he is always a pleasure to be around and work next to. I also worked with Robert Miano before on a film called Sugar Creek. Robert is a very professional actor with an unforgettable screen presence and also a joy to work with.